About Phil Trentham and Trentham Books

Trentham Books is a name I recently adopted for my personal blog website which used to live over on PhilTrenthamWebDevelopment.co.uk.

Welcome to my new website!

After spending 20 years in the IT, internet, web security, programming and development world (both professionally and as a hobby) I have decided to create a space where I can give something back to the community that gave me so much.

I realise that I’m not the typical “developer” in that I like to consume and learn  information in a proper, physical book while I have my computer next to me. I’ve always worked this way and as you can imagine I’ve built up a huge library of books over the years that have guided and helped me to achieve a least a certain level of expertise in the fields that I now operate.

I know that everyone has a different way of learning and many of the new generation will turn their nose up at having a book in front of them, knowing that it may be out of date by the time they have finished reading it – and while this is true for some circumstances, I think you’d often be surprise at the longevity of a well written coding book (for example).

So my idea was this. To create a website where I could help others by offering advice on books I think are cornerstones of learning your craft. I also want highlight to people that it’s completely fine to learn from a book in today’s digital led generation, there is no shame.

On my website you’ll find books that I’ve personally read, some that I’ve reviewed extensively and finally some thoughts on the industries that I’ve been a part of for over 2 decades.

If you have any feedback, opinion or concern then my ears are always open and you can shoot me an email to my mailbox. I really enjoy the engagement.

I’ve already gone on for far too long. Enjoy Trentham Books and I hope you enjoy the content.

Phil Trentham