Baccarat Chemin de Fer is a variant of the card game. This variant differs particularly from Barracat Punto Banco since this type of game is played against the bank and not against other players. Overall, Chemin de Fer is more complicated than the simplified Punto Banco variant.

The real attraction of the game unfolds when you play baccarat for real money. The player’s winnings payout 1: 1. If you bet on the banker, you pay a commission on a win, i.e., a fee. As a rule, this is 5%. An exception is the Baccarat No Commission variant. If you correctly bet on a tie, this pays 8: 1.

Baccarat tips online with real money

In the baccarat card game, the game’s outcome is determined to a greater extent by chance than in blackjack. Accordingly, you should be prepared to leave the table without any profit. So keep a few rules of thumb in mind:

  • The bet on the banker also promises the best malaysia online casino odds on the baccarat in the online casino, because the house edge here is only 1.06%.
  • If you bet on the player, the house edge is only slightly higher, namely 1.24%.
  • Betting on the banker offers a high chance of winning but requires a 5% commission fee. The only exception is if you play the No Commission variant.
  • The draw on an 8: 1 payout seems tempting, but is less recommendable with a house edge of over 14%.
  • Play Baccarat for free until you master the supposedly complicated rules of the game. You can play Baccarat free games right here on
  • Always keep an eye on your real money bankroll and don’t chase losses!

In most online casinos, you can also play with mobile devices. This works either through a download app for Android and iOS or through an instant play casino. You can easily call up the latter in the mobile browser. Browser-based instant game is also platform-independent, so you are not limited to Android and iOS devices, but can also use tablets, Windows phones, and Blackberry smartphones.

Baccarat online – Ultimately a question of style

Although baccarat certainly has a special flair in land-based casinos, you can still play online for real money in a casino from the comfort of your own home. Which variants you will find there, of course, depends on the provider. There are Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco, Baccarat en Banque, Nevada Baccarat, and No Commission Baccarat.

If you want to conjure up a little more casino atmosphere on your screen despite the convenience at home, we advise you to play live baccarat in online casinos. You get the best of both worlds. A large number of online casinos now offer extensive live game ranges. So you can play the legendary James Bond game Baccarat online and on your mobile device with real croupiers whenever you want.